Bad people.

Today’s entry is not about me, it’s about my brother. He is a doctor. He studied really hard for many years and finally got into his specialization program.

In my country, a way of filtering doctors is by being really tough with them. Nevertheless, every now and then you hear stories about doctors who just don’t like a new resident and just go against him. That’s exactly what’s happening to him.

These “doctors” want his place for other doctors, friend doctors, who are entering the program, so they did everything they could so my brother would fail during his period. And they succeded. Everyone around him, even in the same program, realize this and are trying to help him, but those “doctors” went to the extreme and he almost got into a car crash because of how exhausted he was due to their mistreatment.

He had to quit. And this hurt me so much. I’ve been through all these years of studies with him, listening to his suffering, celebrating his accomplishments, and now these bad people want to crush his dreams and goals? How unfair is it?

I cry for him. My soul hurts, my heart hurts, my pride hurts. My very self is hurt. I can’t believe they did this to my brother. He is just  timid man with big dreams. He always got the best grades because he wants to be the best Internist there is. And now these idiots came to harm him just because the had their own interests.

I’m so sad right now. I want to be strong for him because he had this first big experience with  wickedness in the world. I don’t want him to give up. I want to support him, but I can’t stop crying because it is not fair.

What should I do?


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