Today I had so many plans that just didn’t happen. I had energy to do so many things, getting over certain family issues, when my uncle called me early in the morning, waking me up.

“Call your grandmother.” It was all he said. I got scared, she’s over 80 years old, lives alone by choice and has a lung condition that’s probably what’s going to kill her someday.

My mom called her before I did and we found out she fell and hit her head. A neighbor stayed with her until we arrived. Her head was swollen and she had an open bruise on her forehead. We took her to a clinic and the doctor examined her. Even though she is fine and has no pain, she was a little dizzy after the fall and her eyesight was affected, so now we have to take her for a CAT examination.

Since she can’t go to a public hospital due to her lung condition, we are doing all the research necessary to find a good and somewhat cheaper place to perform this exam. After all this odyssey, my uncle came to berate my grandma and to scream and complain about everything, saying they do everything for her and that she doesn’t take care of herself, but at the same time asking us to pay for all the medical bills and to transport her to wherever she needs to go.

I know I should be aware that there are certain people like that, blood related or not, but it still hurts to see how someone prefers money over relations or over your own blood health. Really? I left everything I was supposed to do today because she is my grandma and I love her. I don’t have that much money, but I can help if I need to because I want her to receive everything she needs, as she did with us when we were kids. So, under those reasons, my uncle chooses to leave all the responsibility on our shoulders, giving us this guilt trip, and making me even more disappointed everyday.

Maybe it’s not a big problem, maybe I’m overreacting, but it deeply hits my spirit and all the job I’ve done. I just wish to make the people I love happy, to help them however I can, but why is there so much greed and selfishness, even in our own families?

Nevertheless, I’m grateful because my grandmother is fine for now and because I can help her. I know my tears today won’t go unheard.



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