It’s been a while, I guess. I know I wanted to keep this updated everyday, but I supposse I’m still not used to having a blog. Anyway, let me give you some updates about what has been going on in my life these past months.

Remember the friend I wrote about? He’s one of my best friends and was (is) a lifelong crush I had while growing up. He came to visit home for one month while he was from vacations from the monastery. Yes, he’s a monk. Nevertheless, he has a deep understanding of life and a magnificent soul. He’s one in a kind. He added light to a very dark room in my life. I felt so free talking to him. I really do hope we continue to be friends even if we leave so far away from each other and in totally different lifestyles.

Now, let’s talk about Jay (Remember her?). We finished the High School Theatre Program this month. The kids, well teenagers, were brilliant! They were so dedicated and felt so happy about doing something they love and learning from each other. I know it sounds super cliché and also kind of utopic, but it’s real. I feel so happy about this even today that I miss every second of it so much. I would be completely elated if I am allowed to participate next year.

After explaining a little bit about what happened these last months, let’s talk about the present. I was a little bit scared of not having anything to do or any other way of earning money, but then God sent me all these opportunities that are really showing me how blessed I am. I know that not everybody believes in God, but right now it’s what is pushing me forward. Anyway, I have been blessed enough to have two incomes, one is a written project and the other one is a theatre project. I think that maybe I’m been to pushy and becoming kind of annoying, but I really do pray God to give me the wisdom and peace to keep going in a way that will help me further and give other jobs on these areas.

So, this week we have rehearsal at the theater everyday until the opening night on Friday. I’m scared and excited. Excited because it’s a new experience that will help me grow even more, but scared because I’m afraid that I won’t be good enough to meet the standards or even break them and be even better. Maybe they’ll deem that I’m underqualified. That scares me. I guess it’s depression monster peeking through the little holes of my insecurities. I need to overcome it. Hopefully, it’ll hapen soon.

My next appointment with my therapist is on October. I’ve been taking my pills one day between the other, and it hasn’t been that bad. Nevertheless, I’m still getting used to it. I do believe I’m getting better. So, for now, I will just breathe and wait for what tomorrow has prepared for me.

Well, that’s all folks, at least for now. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to update and face my everday struggle. I’ll do my best to accomplish this goal.

Things I’m grateful for:

  • Being able to have two incomes this month
  • Meeting new people
  • Updating this blog
  • Having the High School  Theater Program wonderful experience
  • Being alive





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